“Dirfys” bottled water has been activing and developing evolutionarily in the drinking water market since 1975, re-entering dynamically with a renewed corporate infrastructure and a strengthened scientific team on the shelves inside and outside the borders in 2010. Dirfys crystal water, springs from the natural sources of the mountain range of the same name that extends in the central-east of Evia, identifying its brand over the years with its clarity and purity, thanks to the suitable geological formations of the area that act as natural filters, ensuring the immutability of the source’s quality. In addition, the high altitude favors a low to zero nitrate and nitrite concentration, while the complete absence of heavy metals and organic carbon, the ideal calcium-magnesium ratio (3 to 1), as well as the low sodium concentration, confirm the complete sequence with the standards of quality and beneficial for the human body composition.

Investing in its unique identity and special composition, “Dirfys” water is the ideal combination of the gift of nature, know-how and long-term dedication to create a perfect product, intended for the well-being and good health of the consumer public.

The Dirfys company, as an active Member of the Society that operates, consistently develops responsible entrepreneurship practices, including Corporate Social Responsibility actions in its strategic priorities. Focusing on the human factor, the protection of the Environment and Greek Culture in all its manifestations, it proceeds with sponsorships and supports initiatives aimed at social contribution and the contribution to the improvement of living standards, ensuring its positive social footprint.

1975 – The subsequent founders Dirfys S.A, start distributing in Chalkis drinking water from resources in the region of Dirfys using tankers.

1980 – Gerakinis K. & Co is established to bottle water and carbonated soft drinks (orange, lemon, soda water).

1990 – New equipment is acquired for the production capacity of 7,000 bottles(1,5 lit) per hour and 10,000 bottles (0,5 lit) per hour.

1990 – The company achieves significant sales growth in Greece, as well as in Australia, USA, Saudi Arabia and Germany.

2001 – Upgrade the production process, replacing the equipment with new state-of-the-art machinery(replacing PVC with PET).

2007 – The company is redeemed by Nikas Holdings and turned into a Limited Company.

2007-2009 – The factory is completely reconstructed and new state-of-the-art equipment from the French company Sidel replaced completely the old one. The total cost of the investment exceeds13 million euro.

2010 – Dirfys SA restarts its operation, expanding sales throughout Greece and abroad.

Since 2010, Dirfys SA has been applying the HACCP system, as well as the quality assurance system for certified food and beverages, according to the ISO 22000 standard.

Since 2015 Dirfys S.A. has been IFS-certified. ​

2019 – Dirfys is a Member of the ELLA-DIKA MAS Initiative, a community of purely Greek businesses, within which the voice of Greek entrepreneurship is strengthened and actions and initiatives are carried out for the difficult task of restructuring the Greek Economy.

​​2020 – Nikos Serras, owner of the majority of the shares of the water bottling company Dirfys SA, received a particularly important distinction from the Chamber of Evia, as he was awarded for “Excellent Business Action”

2021 Dirfys SA was awarded as “Diamond of the Greek Economy” for the successful implementation of its business plan over the last 5 years, for the growth of sales in important sales channels as well as for the tripling of its profitability. – Completed the rebranding of its products, significantly differentiating the position on the shelf compared to the competition. -The DIRFYS WATER BOTTLE company SA, after the completion of the relevant auction process, announced the purchase of 42.34% of its shares from the company LOUX-MARLAFEKAS SA, for an amount of €1.2 million.


The production is housed in a newly built, modern industrial building with a special architectural design that respects the environment and operates in accordance with all the prescribed rules.

The bottling of water is carried out with Combi machines, from the French company Sidel, of high technology and productivity. At no point in the production line is human intervention required. Thus, the product is offered directly from the source to the consumer. The bottling process is controlled at all stages, ensuring excellent quality.

During the production process, the preforms (pet) are disinfected through the UV process and checked with special cameras, after they are first shaped into a ready-made bottle.

Then the bottle, which is in a completely sterile environment where even the air that surrounds it is filtered, is led to bottling and capping. The process takes less than 10 seconds. The staffing of the production is done exclusively with engineers, since the demands of the technology applied daily are high.​​


A modern, fully-equipped chemical and microbiological laboratory control has been installed and staffed in the plant, which allows continuous monitoring of both the network and the product.​Dirfys S.A. works with the Greek University, the Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration as well as certified private laboratories of chemical-microbiological control.​